Vaccine Injury Support Program – Public Health Agency of Canada


The Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP) ensures that all people in Canada who have experienced a serious and permanent injury as a result of receiving a Health Canada authorized vaccine, administered in Canada, have timely access to financial support.

Service/Solution Impact

OXARO administers the Vaccine Injury Support Program for all provincial and territorial jurisdictions in Canada, with the exception of Quebec, which continues to administer its existing program. Through our services and solutions, VISP has received and processed more than 1500 claims.

Our team is responsible for the program’s end-to-end claims processing services, including intake, assessment, compensation, and appeals. The VISP claims process is supported by our leading case management solution and leverages the Protected B OXARO Cloud.

Service/Solution Overview

OXARO brings significant experience and expertise to the delivery of claims operations and technology solutions. The Vaccine Injury Support Program leverages OXARO’s expertise in adjudication, advocacy-based claims management principles, 50+ contracted physicians, intake specialists, as well as our secure technology solutions. OXARO’s dedicated intake specialists and case management professionals manage and oversee the VISP operation in its entirety.

Project Scope

OXARO is responsible for the design, implementation, and operation of the Vaccine Injury Support Program, including the end-to-end claims processing from intake to payment and the supporting technology solution. Our team delivers specialized assessment services comprised of intake specialists, case management experts, and over 50+ physicians from various disciplines. The program is supported by leading technologies, including a secure case management system, contact centre services website, and self-service portal.

Deliverable Breakdown

  • Self-service claimant portal
  • Case Management solution
  • Contact centre
  • Claims processing
  • OXARO Cloud – Protected B cloud solution deployment
  • Causality assessment and framework
  • Compensation assessment and framework
  • Administering financial support payments

List of Client Benefits/Gains After Working w/OXARO

Client Experience

Advocacy-based case management, including dedicated case managers, intake support specialists, and self-service technologies.


Protected B cloud compliant solution, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and SOC 2 Type II compliance.

Turnkey Operations – Operations centre with specialized personnel, including case managers, physicians, and transformation experts who utilize innovative digital applications within our secure cloud environment.



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