Nutrition North Canada (NNC) Claims Processing Services


Nutrition North Canada (NNC) is a food subsidy program to promote healthy food options for northern communities. The program subsidizes nutritious foods, traditional and country foods such as arctic char, caribou, and muktuk, and other staple items. NNC provides the subsidy directly to retailers, suppliers, and country food processors that have met the program’s requirements and registered with NNC by signing funding agreements with the Department. Funding Agreements with retailers and suppliers set out the responsibilities for program accountability and transparency. Over 100 northern communities are eligible for the full subsidy. In turn, community residents can benefit from lower purchasing prices.

Service/Solution Impact

OXARO operates the NNC food subsidy program which is supported by our web-based portal This application enables recipients to submit monthly claims for subsidies. These subsidies are based on the eligibility of an item and its shipping weight. The program also subsidizes the costs of shipping northern foods which are commercially produced.

Project Scope

AANDC sought a qualified Claims Processor to verify the NNC Food Subsidy Claims and provide related support services. As the chosen Claims Processor, OXARO delivered a web-based solution enabling recipients to submit claims for a subsidy.

Service/Solution Overview

OXARO assumed the management and administration of the NNC claims processing in 2015. To achieve this, our team was responsible for implementing a leading solution, including a web-based tool for claims management.

Deliverable Breakdown

  • Claims management solution, including a self-service portal
  • Contact centre
  • Claims operations, including case managers
  • Dashboards for reporting and data analysis

List of Client Benefits/Gains After Working w/OXARO

Rapid Deployment:

Ability to quickly process hundreds of claims after launching the processing site.

Business Expertise:

OXARO leverages its business expertise, saving AANDC time and resources, by analyzing business requirements, conducting options analysis, and developing and implementing a web-based tool for the claimants and the firm.

Previous Experience

OXARO leverages previous experience from other claims management projects for smooth and timely delivery and operations.



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