Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks – Emissions Performance Standards Program


The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks created the Emissions Performance Standards (EPS) Program with the objective of driving greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions from large emitters while maintaining the competitiveness of Ontario businesses and minimizing carbon leakage. Emissions Performance Standards determine an emissions limit that industrial facilities must meet each year. The standards require emitters to either reduce their emissions or pay for exceeding limits.

Project Scope

The Ministry required an IT solution using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to operationalize the EPS program. This included the development, configuration, and customization of an IT solution, services for ongoing support, maintenance and technology refresh, licensing, and hosting.

Service/Solution Overview

OXARO provides all services required to operate, support, and maintain the SaaS solution used for the EPS program. This includes services for:

  • Project Management and Planning
  • SaaS Solution identification, selection, and configuration for custom back-end support and external interface
  • Secure cloud data hosting

Deliverable Breakdown

  • Maintain program registration and compliance information
  • Provide overarching reports regarding program performance

List of Client Benefits/Gains After Working w/OXARO

Subject matter expertise

Use of OXARO’s resources for project management, cloud hosting, and application development

Rapid deployment model

OXARO was able to deploy the solution quickly, leveraging existing cloud infrastructure and deployment of a low-code, highly configurable platform.



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