OXARO Announces Supply Arrangement with the Government of Canada

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Ottawa, ON – May 13th, 2024 – OXARO announces a new supply arrangement with the Government of Canada (GC) under the Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA).

OXARO is the SaaS Publisher for leading enterprise software applications. Now, GC agencies can leverage our experience and capability to rapidly deploy solutions that meet their data residency and security requirements.

“We are excited to bring the flexibility and adaptability of cloud and SaaS-based software to our Public Sector clients and enable them to access the latest innovations while ensuring our solutions meet and exceed the evolving requirements on security, privacy, and accessibility,” said Marco Perron, CEO, OXARO.

OXARO’s Cloud Operations team has architected an environment that meets stringent government security standards. When hosted in this cloud environment, federal agencies can utilize industry-leading SaaS products without sacrificing their security and privacy requirements and regulations.

“We approached secure SaaS hosting like a software development problem, leading to a modular and flexible set of tools. Now, OXARO can offer the SaaS tools agencies require to meet the public’s expanding needs,” explains Nicholas Newberry, Senior Director of Cloud Operations, OXARO.

OXARO is prequalified under PSPC’s Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA), which establishes a new method of supply to satisfy requests for various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, for both classified and unclassified cloud requirements. This RFSA supports GC’s Cloud Smart Strategy, and OXARO is proud to supply agencies with SaaS products that fulfill or exceed the GC’s business and technical requirements.

Learn more about OXARO or visit our PSPC catalogue to view all SaaS products available to GC agencies and departments through this RFSA.

About OXARO:

OXARO is a digital services organization specializing in transformation projects for the Canadian Public Sector. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, our team consists of 150+ experts who carry a unique set of skills and experience. Together, we are driven by our shared commitment to excellence, offering a trusted place for clients while bringing them secure, scalable, and adaptable solutions. With our cutting-edge technological tools, partnerships and a group of talent that’s fully equipped, we take pride in turning today’s troubles into tomorrow’s triumphs. We’re designed to provide Advisory, Digital, and Placement related services primarily to public sector clients and non-profit organizations. 

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